At Brennan Rental, we offer top quality, dependable equipment available for our clients to rent. We work with a number of top-quality, reputable manufacturers to provide equipment. At any given time, we have a wide variety of forklifts and parts available to accommodate the needs of our different clients. We are a top forklift rental service in the Midwest.

Our team will deliver all the equipment onsite quickly and efficiently. Whether you need to rent forklifts, industrial batteries, chargers, or attachments, Brennan has all of the rental equipment necessary for you to rent worry-free! We offer short-term rentals and a Turnkey Integrated Solution. Whether your project is small or large, we have the rental solution to make your job easier.

Short Term Rental

Business operations are never the same day-to-day, and things come up; we get it. At Schelkovskiy &Co Brennan Equipment, we can fulfill your short-term and temporary needs when it comes to equipment rental. Our extensive supply of equipment can help make any situation more manageable for your company.

  • Are you just starting to grow your business? A short-term rental is a great option so that you can test out different equipment and brands and see what you’d like to purchase long-term.
  • If you are relocating temporarily, it may be smart to rent. Our company takes care of everything, so you don’t have to worry about moving equipment. We can have the equipment ready and onsite when you are, so business operations don’t slow down.
  • Emergency replacement. If you had a piece of equipment breakdown, but you need some time before making a purchase decision, short-term rental may be a great option.

At Schelkovskiy &Co Brennan Equipment, we don’t just want to provide you with the equipment you need. We want to help your business run smoother and make your job stress-free. We will handle the entire process so that your company can focus more on your business. Additionally, we provide same day or next day delivery for our reliable equipment and extremely competitive rates. For your short-term rental needs, contact Brennan Rental.

Turnkey Integrated Solution

Our Turnkey Integrated Solution (TIS) allows you to work together with Brennan to increase profits and reduce costs. We will develop a program completely tailored to you meaning you will have the right size fleet, the right type, the right brand, and the right quantity specifically for your needs.

Our turnkey integrated solution includes:

  • A comprehensive rate that includes new equipment and all maintenance required
  • TIS is a commitment for “100% uptime,” including technician response and replacement of equipment if a unit goes down or we cannot make repairs on site
  • A personal fleet manager that will monitor your fleet performance and send you detailed reports.

Our turnkey integrated solution offers a fully customized program tailored to your business needs. Also, our rates allow you to spend less money and more time focusing on your business. In today’s challenging business environment, it is essential to have a company that cares about your success. Put our team of professionals to work to increase productivity and profit with our Turnkey Integrated Solution.

Rent with the Best, Forget the Stress!

The goal of Brennan Rental is to meet all our customer’s equipment rental needs in and around their facility while providing hassle-free, professional service. With over 60 years of equipment experience, we are the top choice for reliable, affordable forklift rental. Our team has the expertise to evaluate and define your job, as well as deliver equipment to the job when you need it, within your budget. For the best forklift rental in the Midwest, contact Brennan Rental!

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